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Indiana Jones 5 will not make the set release date and may be written by Jon Kasdan.

Variety is reporting that Indiana Jones 5 which is being written by Jonathan Kasdan, if they can finish the deal, will not make the July 2020 release date. The silver lining is that Harrison Ford and Steven Spielberg are supposed to be committed to making the film still. All in all, getting the movie right is what is important and there’s nothing worse than a rushed film. That said it is a bummer.

Variety writes:

Insiders stress that both Steven Spielberg and Harrison Ford remain committed to revisiting the beloved franchise about the globe-trotting archaeologist. Spielberg, however, has a full dance card of projects in development and it’s possible one of them will slide in front of the “Indiana Jones” sequel. The Oscar-winning director is in pre-production on a remake of “West Side Story” and is also toying with making “The Kidnapping of Edgardo Mortara,” a historical drama with Mark Rylance.

There was a rumor that the Kasdans were writing Indy 5 in the last few months. I’m a little surprised to not see Lawrence Kasdan included in that list. However, the Kasdans did just write a film together with in the last few years with Solo: A Star Wars Story. That said, the proximity of Lawrence Kasdan to it isn’t a bad thing and it wouldn’t surprise me if we end up getting Lawrence on a draft of to punch up some of the content. It isn’t clear if the David Koepp work was ditched altogether or if it is acting as a base for the subsequent drafts.

Hopefully we get a new release date soon. Perhaps Lucasfilm will add to a Star Wars press release if they give us any updates on their schedule for films coming post Star Wars: Episode IX. We’ll get you posted on any developments here at!

(Source Variety)

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