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Rumors Persist Regarding Indiana Jones Coming to Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Could the World of AVATAR and Dr. Jones coexist?

Jack is back, and he’s got news about Indiana Jones.

Last night, Jack Kendall, host of the DSNY Newscast said, “The idea that Indiana Jones was a property that Disney was considering on bringing to Animal Kingdom began last August when several insider sources all corroborated that it was a proposal that was in the early developmental stages at Disney.

“But since then, we haven’t heard much more, as things can often be in those developmental stages for quite a while and then later be scrapped,” he added. “But that doesn’t seem to be the case here.”

Thus far, Jack said there’s no proof, but…

Insiders who have a very good previous track record, have disclosed on the WDW Magic forums, that not only is the Indiana Jones re-theming of the existing Dinosaur attraction still on thecards, but also that it will be closing sometime in 2019, to make way for this transformation. Now this insider previously was the first to report on the imminent closure of [The Great Movie Ride] back in 2016, for thefollowing year, and it would certainly make sense that Disney would close the attraction after D23 [in 2019].

Does “X” mark the spot?

Kendall admitted it’s a leap of faith, but therein may be the walkway to the truth.

“Disney is all about synergy nowadays; they own the rights to Indiana Jones, they have a new Indiana Jones Movie coming out in 2020, which begins shooting in April of 2019. And Disney is hoping to reboot and energize this iconic franchise just like they did with Star Wars,” he said. “Indiana Jones could easily fit into any park, depending on what narrative Disney want to tell.

“And if we’re honest, AVATAR doesn’t really have a strong connection to Animals, but Pandora – The World of AVATAR has been marketed from the Nature and Conservation angle.

“So, if Disney wants to tell a story that involves ancient, mythical creatures and Indiana Jones, they will.”

Check out the full report, below:

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