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Indiana Jones… Er, um, Joan?

Will future incarnations of the archaeologist take "a different form"

“This will be Harrison Ford’s last Indiana Jones movie, I am pretty sure,” was the sad news that Steven Spielberg delivered in a recent interview in The Sun.

However, the legendary director apparently added some good news: “It will certainly continue after that.”

That would be a happy update for Indiana Jones fans, who recently learned the series’ fifth film would begin shooting in 2019.

After that, fans of the franchise may — emphasis on may (see the below update) — be witness to a “change of form” for the swashbuckling archeologist.

The Sun reported:

In an exclusive interview, Spielberg nodded when asked if this new-look Jones could be female, and added: “We’d have to change the name from Jones to Joan. And there would be nothing wrong with that.”

The 71-year-old has been a vocal champion of the Time’s Up campaign for gender equality in the movie industry — and is no stranger to powerful women.

His mother Leah, who died last year aged 97, raised him and his three sisters almost single-handedly because his workaholic engineer father Arnold, now 101, was rarely around.

And he has been married to actress Kate Capshaw, 64, since 1991, after meeting in 1984 when she starred in the second Indiana Jones film in 1984.

“My mom was strong. She had a voice, she had a very strong opinion,” The Sun’s Grant Rollings quoted the director as saying. “I have been very lucky to be influenced by women, several of whom I have just loved madly — my mom and my wife.”

Move over Mutt?

As such, the next wearer of the famous fedora might be a woman.

“We’d have to change the name from Jones to Joan,” added Spielberg, again, apparently . “And there would be nothing wrong with that.”

Agreed. Buuuuut… hold on a minute.


So, halfway through dinner, a trusted colleague forwarded over an update from The Bearded Trio:

…the web has blown up with headlines saying Spielberg WANTS the next Indy to be female. He didn’t say that. I even think the quote was taken out of context. I bet he was smiling and laughing at the time. Look it wouldn’t be bad if it happened and I know Spielberg thinks the same thing but I just want to put the record straight that Spielberg in no way confirmed that this is going to happen.


Ahem. Um, actually. A few years back there were rumors regarding Indy having a daughter. Right? So, who knows?

Thanks to The Bearded Trio or tempering our response to this one.

Nominations for Next Fedora?

In any case: For those of you who haven’t seen the latest Tomb Raider movie, be sure to check it out. I sat in the theater lamenting the fact that the powers that be hadn’t locked Alicia Vikander up to play Indy’s daughter or granddaughter. She was excellent in Ex Machina and the best part of Tomb Raider. Check out her profile in Vogue and this story on the film in Forbes. JB


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