Indy 5

Sources: Indiana Jones 5 Still to be Shot in 2019, Released in 2020

It’s a leap of faith…


The story is about West Side Story – or at least Steven Spielberg’s West Side Story adaptation.

However, within the words about the musical, came whispers about the further adventures of Indiana Jones.

And while the whispers weren’t exactly about “new news,” this is the first “new” anything we’ve had about Indy 5 in quite a bit.


Exciting? Maybe, but THR’s Borys Kit added:

And while Indy 5 is the next to go for Spielberg, insiders don’t rule out the minuscule chance that another project, small-ish in scale, could shoot up from the development pile and grab his interest.


Last April, the release date for Indiana Jones 5 was reported as July 10, 2020.

So, stay tuned… JB

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