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Shot by Shot: Video breaks down truck chase from Raiders of the Lost Ark

Inside the Magic maps it out…

Good friend Mike Celestino, who covers Star Wars and Indiana Jones for Inside the Magic, posted this piece about Raiders of the Lost Ark in January:

Mike wrote:

Vimeo user Antonios Papantoniou has painstakingly analyzed what is widely considered the most impressive action sequence in the Indiana Jones series, and certainly among the most memorable movie scenes of all time – the “Raiders of the Lost Ark” truck chase – and has broken it down into type of shot, camera angles, camera movements, type of lens used, duration of shots, and number of edits. It’s a fascinating study of a classic piece of popular entertainment.

Shot by Shot

Here’s the video from Papantoniou:

Check out Celestino’s work on Inside the Magic. Antonios’ videos are here.

Nice job Antonios, and thank you Mike! JB

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