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The Search for Fact (and Fun): Indiana Jones in Disneyland

Indiana Jones, Disneyland

Indiana Jones Adventure: The Temple of the Forbidden Eye

With the rumor circulating that Indiana Jones may make his way to Disney’s Animal Kingdom park in Orlando, Florida, we thought it would be interesting to explore Indy’s current presence in Disney’s domestic parks.

Today, the focus is Indiana Jones Adventure: The Temple of the Forbidden Eye.

Check out a commercial from 1995 (note the price of admission):

As another appetizer, take in some fast facts on Disneyland’s Indiana Jones Adventure:

Marion and Sallah take us through the Making of the Indiana Jones Adventure (introduced by none other than Michael Eisner):

Watch Sallah’s safety “film”:

And now you are ready for a ride-through!

Next time we’ll explore Indy at Disney’s Hollywood Studios (and it’s not just the Stunt Spectacular)…

Indiana Jones, Disneyland
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