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Rumor: Is Indiana Jones Land Coming to Walt Disney World?

Could we see Dr. Jones take on the jungles of South America in Disney’s Animal Kingdom?

“It belongs in a museum,” is an oft quoted line from Dr. Henry Jones; one that Disney and theme park fans have often used in relation to the much-maligned DinoLand USA secion of Animial Kingdom park.

However, it may not be long before the much-maligned midway section of DAK ends up in the online museum, Yesterland.

Our friends over at DSNY Newscast may have pulled together some details on the possibility of an Indiana Jones-themed land coming to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

It’s a leap of faith

The rumor seemed to start with a post on WDWMagic.com’s forum by someone calling themselves “TheVisionarySoul”:

This time I’m hearing lots of rumors from multiple sources about Indiana Jones coming to Disney’s Animal Kingdom. The most extreme of them include all of Dinoland USA being replaced with an Indiana Jones themed land. This would include the closing of Dinosaur to convert it into the Indiana Jones Adventure, an archeology-themed dig site to replace the Boneyard, and the demolition and eventual replacement of Chester and Hester’s Dino-rama.

FWIW: This was semi significant because several other posters cautioned those “pooh-poohing” the news, that “TheVisionarySoul” has a good track record (and may be an insider)

Jack at DSNY also cited OrlandoInformer.com, who wrote:

…although it seems as if Disney hasn’t officially made up its mind one way or the other at this particular point in time, we – and they – feel confident enough in the information to begin to talk about it openly: it seems as if Dr. Henry Jones, Jr. will be coming to Disney’s Animal Kingdom sometime in the not too distant future.

What do you believe in?

For his part, Jack (who works very hard to keep on the right side of things journalistically on the DSNY Newscast) added that Indiana Jones Land would be set and themed around South America.

“Which, if you actually think about it, would be a natural fit for Disney’s Animal Kingdom, with the continents layout of the park.

“However,” he cautioned, “I must say that this won’t be opening for quite a while, as construction isn’t even set to begin on this new land for another two-to-three years.

“Disney will want to gauge interest of Indiana Jones V, that will be released on July 10, 2020.”

Trust me…

That said, DSNY Newscast speculates that there are two very good reasons for why Disney might be considering this bold move.

“The first is that Disney completely owns the Indiana Jones franchise,” added Jack, “as it is part of Lucasfilm. And it has proven itself to be an extremely lucrative asset within the Disney parks.

“Secondly, Disney does not want to be in the same situation again, where they leave it too long before they bring something new to the Disney parks, like we’re seeing at Disney’s Hollywood Studios; where a huge chunk of the park is down for construction.”

Combine those factors with the upcoming 50th Anniversary celebrations for Disney World with continued — and heightened — competition with nearby Universal Studios, “And I can safely say that Disney want to be back in the game in a big way,” said Jack.

DSNY Newscast also reported on the many, many details in the OrlandoInformer.com report including speculation on the scale and scope of the rumored land. So head over to that article, where they also mention the possibility of an Indian Jones-themed hotel.

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