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The future of’s Keeping up with the Joneses! #GetFingered

The dream for our podcast’s Keeping up with the Joneses was to cover the production of Indiana Jones 5. We’re really excited for a new Indy film and discussing the news is what inspired to start this site and why I came up with that podcast idea. As you’ve no doubt heard, Indiana Jones 5 has a new release date for July of 2020. That means news will be even slower and in some ways, we’re back a year further than we conceptualized initially.

It was difficult to get a full episode of Keeping up with the Joneses ready because the news was so sparse. And then by the time it accumulated, it wasn’t really strong enough to be passionate about it as they were just tidbits at best. It was hard to get the team together and schedule the show when there was really nothing pressing or inspiring anyone to formulate a roundtable discussion around it. Our show isn’t really a nostalgic show either so we didn’t want to spend too much time looking back as looking forward with it. There’s nothing wrong with that way of doing it, it just isn’t us.

The show is fun and we were adding on paranormal news as a segment to make the show bigger and more rounded out. That gave way to us starting Ghost Fancy, a show with characters Randy Lo Gudice and myself created where we retold paranormal accounts in a radio drama reenactment style. We then decided to rework the show a little and add it to Fingered by Randy & Jason. Do you see where I’m going with this?’s Keeping up with the Joneses will be moving to Fingered by Randy & Jason. The show will remain there during pre-production. While the shows only need to be 15-25 minutes long, we figured we can just make a day of Fingered about Indy. Once production ramps up and we start to see the episodes being longer than 45 minutes, we will do the shows on the feed you’re already subscribed to and the full podcast will resume and the “minisodes” will cease to be created.

Perhaps at a later date, we’ll edit all the mini-episodes into larger episodes and re-release them on the classic Keeping up with the Joneses feed. But until then, I suggest subscribing to Fingered by Randy & Jason where we offer five different shows, five days a week. We cover weird news, movies, television shows, video games, paranormal news, and irreverent silliness.

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