It belongs in a museum! I got an Indiana Jones Funko Pop!

The very cool cats at Funko were cool enough to hook up with an Indiana Jones Pop vinyl figure! This figure with the idol from Raiders of the Lost Ark is different than the one at Disneyland which features Indy with the Temple of Doom sword. Both are really rad and I’m really jazzed to have have got one. I love the scruff and the all character imbued in this little guy:

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I have to say, I never realized how bad I wanted an Indy Pop until I had one. Hopefully I can secure the Disneyland Exclusive version with the sword very soon for my collection. Now I just need them to make one with the Grail diary and a crystal skull and I’m set until Indy 5!

Thanks to Funko for the coolest exclusive from SDCC this year. We appreciate it!

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