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David Koepp to write Indiana Jones 5 according to THR. Backs up earlier reports.

THR is reporting that David Koepp is writing the next Indiana Jones film:

Plot details are being kept secure in the Well of the Souls. It is unclear if Koepp is working off any existing treatment or story. Crystal Skull, for example, had treatments written by Indiana Jones co-creator George Lucas and the story credit went to Lucas and Jeff Nathanson, the latter of whom wrote several drafts.

This really isn’t new news, but it is good news. If you remember back in December it was reported:

Ford revealed that the script for Indiana Jones 5 is still in development. This is a very early stage of development which entails forging ideas for the plot. Ford detailed that the person hired to write the script would be none other then David Koepp.

The news seems early but it was a point when the media blitz for Star Wars: The Force Awakens was waring Harrison down and he was confirming he wouldn’t be returning to do another Star Wars film and things that kinda confirmed earlier spoilers.

I personally think Koepp is a great choice and I hope it pans out. There is still no word on if this is being kicked off by a George Lucas story but it almost seems as if that is not the case as per the press release that went out last week announcing the July 19th, 2019 release date.

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(via SciFied and THR)

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