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Spielberg hopes to do Indiana Jones 5 before Ford is in his 80s.

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Where is Indiana Jones 5? That’s the question of the day for Indy fans just about every day. There’s still some hope for us though. Steven Spielberg continues to do press for Bridge of Spies. The good news is he still dropping lines about the desire to do Indiana Jones 5 with Harrison Ford:

I hope to do an Indiana Jones 5,before Harrison Ford is 80 years old.

While there’s absolutely nothing new in that quote, it goes to show as of now, the interest and possibility still exists which is all I’m asking for. I’m also hoping as we get into Star Wars: The Force Awakens press season, Harrison Ford starts to express his desire to put the hat on again and join up with Spielberg for one last adventure.

The question that remains is will George Lucas be involved? Recently, he has seemed sort of fed up with Disney and the aftermath of his sell-off to them in 2012. He compared the relationship to a break-up and said you basically cut off all communication with person you have broken up with. How’s that for corporate personhood? George Lucas dumped a whole corporation, which is pretty awesome.

I hope the prospect of getting the band back together means Spielberg, Ford, and Lucas get together and work out a film for us Indy fans before Disney moves forward with new players.



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